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Are hemorrhoids during pregnancy preventable?

It is pretty common to have hemorrhoids in pregnancy. It is estimated that up to 10-40% of women may experience them during pregnancy. Let's talk about how we can prevent hemorrhoids before they even start.

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The Fresh Test: A Closer Look

Among patients and practitioners, the Fresh test has emerged as a topic of interest, particularly in the context of gestational diabetes screening. Can this test replace the current standard of practice Glucola drink? Read to find out.

Flying while pregnant: what things are important to know?

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, filled with excitement and anticipation. As you plan for various aspects of your pregnancy, including travel, it's essential to gather the right information to ensure your well...

When should I start taking vitamin D?

Recent research has been shedding light on the significance of Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy, underlining its potential impact on various aspects of maternal and infant health.

Are there foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

Certain foods can pose potential risks due to bacterial contamination, and understanding how to enjoy them safely is essential. Let's delve into the details and explore ways to navigate pregnancy nutrition responsibly.